DIY Survival Compass: Only 3 Supplies Needed

No one intentionally gets lost. Even when you hear friends say “I'm gonna get lost in the woods this weekend” we understand that it's a figure of speech. But more than likely, each of us at one time or another have been lost. It might have occurred when you were younger, maybe at a crowded venue like a supermarket, or park,  or maybe more recently while driving to a new location and your GPS lost it's signal. Regardless of the situation, the sense of feeling lost can conjure up a variety of emotions and most of them are unpleasant. Anxiousness and panic are common reactions to losing ones way. Frustration and anger are other traditional reactions. But as you can see, neither panic or anger are good emotions to experience when you are lost. If not controlled, you might lose the ability to properly problem solve and get yourself out of the situation you are in.

With that in mind, think about what it would be like if you were in the middle of nowhere (desert, backwoods, etc) and you were unable to get a sense of where you were. If you've ever seen The Blair Witch Project, you should be able to recall the infamous map scene and how its disappearance causes panic to spread among the three filmmakers.

Original Image Source: Olga Filonenko

Needless to say, we don't want anyone to be in a situation where they are lost and afraid. So head over to page 2 and we'll show you how to make a compass from scratch. The best part? You only need 3 supplies.


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