DIY Cardboard Solar Food Dryer: A Survivalist Must-Have

Survivalists are people just like everybody else. We  understand the importance of having access to fresh and healthy foods and we appreciate having access to them when we need them. Because of this, it only makes sense to enjoy these items even if you find yourself living off the grid or possibly in a survivalist situation after a natural disaster or emergency. Obviously if you're out in the woods you wouldn't be able to take around your solar food dehydrator. But there are plenty of situations that would allow for it, so take advantage of having small luxuries when and where you can and equip yourself with this survivalist must-have. Another benefit to working on this cardboard solar food dryer is that it's very cost effective.

Original Image Source: velacreations

After seeing the instructions on page 2, you'll see that this project can easily be made in no time. Come check it out.


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  1. Dan said:

    I didn’t see any mention of Cardboard in the instructions for your “DIY Cardboard Solar Food Dryer”.