Discovering the Truth as to Why There’s So Much Sodium in Freeze Dried Meals and What to Do About It


Freeze dried meals are one way of ensuring that if you are on a hike, camping or in a survival situation, you have the nourishment you need to make it through.

They are relatively inexpensive, light to carry, rich in nutrients, easy to make and for the most part, taste good.

They also tend to have a relatively high salt content.

For people suffering from a host of different salt-related health issues, that can be a major downside to eating freeze dried meals unless there is no other option.

But why do these seemingly “god-send” food sources have so much salt, to begin with?

Is there a legitimate reason, like preservation of the food or are these manufacturers in cahoots with “Big Water?”

The answer we give you on the next page might surprise you.

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