Desire to Live Off The Grid? Here Are the Best States to Live in Hands Down:


Living off the grid is not just for people who are prepping for SHTF. Some people want to live off the grid for other reasons. Perhaps they are tired of living to work rather than working to live or they want to experience nature and enjoy it to the fullest.

Yet, many people will tell you that they decided to live off the grid because they no longer wanted to deal with the taxes, attitude and forced liberalism of the people and situations that were surrounding them.

They chose to go somewhere else that would work well for them. Here they could thrive under demanding circumstances and learn how to be a thriving homesteader!

On the next page check out a list of states that homesteaders are flourishing in when it comes to living off the grid! 


  1. William H Lee said:

    Texas is a great place but if you are a liberal democrat you won’t like it here. Trust me!

  2. Jeremiah MacArthur said:

    Where can you go and not have to buy property? Like the cascades in Washington.. You go so far out and no one will bother you… Or find you..

  3. Ed Hughes said:

    Try Austin, it’s not conservative friendly, trust me I know.