Deadly Wilderness Errors to Avoid at All Costs

man by trees in forest

Whether you're hiking, camping, or practicing for a survival situation, there are fundamental mistakes that must not be made if you want to avoid sickness, injury, or possibly even death when you stray off the beaten path.

These are common mistakes that almost everyone will make in some iteration until they have years of experience under their belts and intuitively know to prevent those mistakes from taking place.

Even then, if a person gets careless, committing one of these errors can be at best inconvenient and at worst, deadly.

The errors a person must avoid are not really “rocket science,” in fact, some would even call them common sense. However, that doesn't mean it won't result in you endangering yourself or others if you're not careful.

To learn which mistakes you must avoid while spending time in the wilderness (or even while hiking or camping), check out some vital tips after the break. 

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