Cooking in a Survival Setting – 4 Can’t Miss Methods

skewers cooking

Shelter, fire, food and water are four of the basics to making it through a survival situation.

Cooked food is part of the “food” part of the survival equation.

A hot meal not only tastes good in a survival setting, it improves morale and if you do it properly, ensures you will not end up with a nasty parasite or food poisoning.

In a survival setting, however, hot food might not be readily accessible by conventional means, which means you have to improvise.

Fortunately, even in the direst of survival scenarios, if you can build a fire, you have a ready-made “oven” and “range” at your disposal.

We cover four can't miss cooking methods on the next page that will ensure that you have that hot meal in all but the most extreme circumstances.

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  1. Graham Wright said:

    Cooking with hot stones is another method .
    Dig a hole , build a fire in hole, put on large logs on fire , let fire die down , put stones on top of fire , put food on stones , cover food with more stones , cover stones with earth/ leaves . Leave to cook for several hours then unearth food & eat . I think it’s called a Hawaiian oven but not too sure .

  2. Jason K Winstanley said:

    I was taught about survival and bush craft since I was a kid, the food was often so bad that I became a chef lol

  3. John Ford said:

    For some reason I find any meat cooked over an open is fantastic