Common Deadly Water Purification Errors We Must NEVER Make

hiker drinking water


It seems a given that if a lake is known as “fresh water” the H2O inside of it should be good for drinking. Compared to a river laced with toxic plants and other suspect things, you would be right. However, nature has a way of laughing at us humans when we least expect it.

We strongly encourage any outdoorsman or woman not to drink from a lake unless you purify it first. Truly, you do not know what bacteria is swimming around in that water and you might find yourself in a heap of trouble.

What if you get sick while you are in the middle of the wilderness with no one around to help you? Don’t think it can happen? There are men and women, self-professed experts in the field of survival that – being honest – have admitted to becoming ill with diarrhea and nausea – because they did not use precaution and safely purify what others called safe water before they drank.

Now that you know what you must do, go to the next page and read about common deadly water purification errors we must never make!

Remember, it’s not just you that can become ill but your family too!

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