Cleavers – Herbs in Your Backyard That You Can Use to Your Advantage


Soon the cold weather will be leaving us and spring will introduce greens and herbs. One of the more interesting “weeds” is cleavers which is great for making medications and adding them to a healthy meal!

Cleavers are an annual herb. If taken from the garden here and there a gardener will always have some remaining from year to year.

The plant has lance-shaped leaves and little hairs on the stems are hooked. Ancients would weave the stems together to make strainers.

However, one must be careful. Some people react badly to the juice in this plant. It can, for certain individuals, case a rash. But the likelihood of getting a rash is few and far between

Also, if you have a pet the flower’s bristles can get caught on a dog or cat fur.

After the break gear up to read more about this wondrous herb named cleavers!

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  1. Damien Dilliplane said:

    the aerial parts are the best and most potent to use,the plant itself is a pretty good blood purifier to help the body filter out things that it can’t normally by itself. its a diuretic,lymphatic cleanser, & a mild astrigent. it can also be eaten as a vegetable to be boiled in stews or sweat it out in a frying pan like spinach. it’s also really good to make in a cream to help relieve psoriasis

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