Cleaning Fish is Quick and Easy (But Still Kind of Messy)!

cleaning fish

If you followed our advice, you have spent some time learning how to catch fish.

Whether by using a traditional fishing kit, spearing them or even using traps, you have learned (or perfected) how to get your hands on an excellent source of protein, nutrients, and calories virtually anywhere you find yourself.

Now you have to clean the mess of fish you caught and if you do not know what you are doing, “mess” is the operative word.

Preparing fish for the dinner table, even the survival dinner table is by nature slimy and dirty, and no amount of expertise changes that. (Which is why even those most accomplished at cutting, cleaning and filleting usually wear gloves.)

There are, however, tricks to the trade and the video on the next page shows you some and with practice, you can keep the mess to a minimum.


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