Check Out This Collapsible Canoe That Can Fit Inside a Bug Out Bag!

collapsable canoe

Sometimes an inventor will come up with an idea that is so simple and ingenious we have to wonder why someone did not think of it before!

Many of us like to go out on hikes, even spend days in the woods just walking, camping, and getting back to nature. It is, of course, good practice for the future where, if the SHTF, we will be ready for bugging out.

In the course of our training, we are ready for hunting, exploring, and taking the things nature gives to keep us comfortable.

Usually, the one thing we do not do – unless it is our prime purpose – is bringing along a boat. After all, carrying a canoe on your back while bird watching or building a fire can be tiresome and awkward.

Not anymore!

Ori Levin has designed a full-sized canoe that is completely collapsible! It can actually be stored in a bag or backpack that is around 5 x 9 x 28 inches big!

He calls it the Adhoc Canoe and it only weighs 9 pounds! The best part is it takes five minutes to assemble!

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