Check Out This Clever Way to Keep Your Valuables Safe When SHTF – It’s Hidden and Secure!

hidden wall safe

While having a safe in your home which does its job by protecting your jewels and money, there are a few things to consider. The safe needs to stay hidden — perhaps keeping it in a closet or concealed in a cupboard will do.

However, the problem with this is if your home is broken into while you are away a crook will simply tear the place apart and eventually find the safe.

If it’s light enough, they will carry the safe off with them, and if it’s heavy, they may have to blow it, causing any number of catastrophic disasters in your home. Indeed, not a “safe” feeling at all.

The best safe you can have is one that is camouflaged. That way if someone comes into your home to steal something precious they might get away with your tie collection but not your cash!

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  1. Terry Tate said:

    This Jack$#%&[email protected]*has no clue what he’s doing!
    You might have got the jest of how to create this hide, but the way he went about it shows his ignorance.
    Google outlet safe for a better build and install directions!
    This is not a new idea in any fashion it’s been done commonly since the twenties.

  2. Gary Dyer said:

    no Joe, I was just making an observation…that was the first thing I thought when I saw his post, but I understand your thought also about my comment, and that is funny.

  3. Anthony Clancy said:

    My grandmother kept her jewelry in one. Nobody knew why the plug didn’t work all those years. Then I tried to fix it for mom and found a surprise.