Check Out These Top Survival Guns. Survivalists Should Own One or More of Them!

man aiming a rifle

Anyone who is used to the survival lifestyle knows that firearms are an important aspect of making it through when SHTF.

A person may not need a gun for self-defense, but they will need it for hunting. To hunt and a use a gun for survival purposes it's important to own the correct one.

Having a few firearms that'll meet the challenges, everyone will face when SHTF is important. After all, everyone is bound to experience at least a couple of unexpected moments when all hell is breaking loose.

Keep in mind that while rifles do quite a bit, it's difficult to own just one that'll take care of all survival needs.

For example, a .22 won't work if you're hunting big game, and utilizing a shotgun won't work while attempting to catch a smaller game. It's important to know what you're going to hunt and which guns will be best to use.

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  1. Adam Stewart said:

    AR over an AK for survival? AK is more reliable, doesn’t require nearly as much cleaning, and is larger caliber.

  2. Thomas Jacobs said:

    Some city sht must have wrote this. It says that ” a shotgun won’t work on small game”. Pretty much every hunter knows that shotguns are regularly used for small game and birds. Your shells only need to have the correct size shot. For example, many use size 4 or size 6 shot for squirrels and rabbits, size 7.5 or 8 for small quail etc.