Can’t Put Solar on a Roof? These Alternative Creative Uses Are Ideal for Off Grid Living:


Solar panels on the roof.

We are seeing them pop up on more and more buildings across the nation – and for good reason. Solar is truly affordable, energy efficient, and when eventually the SHTF it will be the way to have power when the rest of the world is without electricity!

But there are some areas that cannot, for one reason or the other, have those large, seemingly heavy panels on their roofs! Do these structure and families have to do without solar? Not at all!

After the break, go over to the next page and read up on solar panels, where you can place them other than the roof, and rethink what you once thought about solar!

The up and coming solar “fad” is now here to stay and – yes – it is becoming mainstream! Solar is something a prepper sincerely needs to consider!

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