By Memorizing These Quick Tips, a Prepper Will Know Whether He’s Dehydrated or Not During the Collapse

tired man dehydrated

If a prepper is outside for a while when SHTF, here are some incredibly easy tips for telling when he's dehydrated!

During a disruptive event, every prepper knows that you need to have plenty of water available to drink. However, if you are outside for a long period of time on an extremely hot day, drinking even more water is very important.

When you are doing a lot of physical activity in the hot sun, it can be easy to forget to drink water. Then getting dehydrated can happen very quickly. Some foolproof tips for telling when you are dehydrated just might surprise you but they are extremely accurate!

When a collapse occurs it is important that you stay safe and healthy because medical help may not be available. If you are a prepper, memorizing these incredible tips may just be the key to your survival!

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