Buried Shipping Containers May Not Work Well as Bunkers. The Reason Why May Surprise Some.


Whatever way you manage to find and buy one, a shipping container makes sense to a survivalist. Shipping containers were built to haul and keep the things inside safe!

Why could it not do the same for human beings with all their survival supplies when it came time for the SHTF?

It truly does sound ideal. We’ve seen those big and impressive shipping containers. They are tall, usually well-built and – with a little modification – once buried they could be the ultimate bunker! A great idea, right? Or – maybe not?

Unfortunately, some experts have their doubts.

After the break, go on over to the next page and read why some survival authorities feel that a buried shipping container, even if it looks good on paper, may not be the best bunker should calamity strike!

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  1. Robert Nearhoff said:

    It really depends on where you bury them and how deep. They can withstand a lot. Some of these containers can withstand punishment from the oceans the saltwater. They can withstand being buried. You can reinforce them. If you do it right these will last for long time.

  2. John Crainshaw said:

    Coat the entire think with asphalt primer, let cure and reinforce the ceiling if you plan to bury it deep.