Building a Survival Fallout Room so You’re Fully Prepared for a Nuclear Disaster

fallout shelter

Having The Proper Shelter Put Together Can Prepare You For Anything, Especially A Nuclear Disaster…

A terrifying threat to humanity is the thought of a nuclear attack. The initial blasts are enough to instantly kill anything within five miles. But the more frightening aspect of potential nuclear war is the fallout.

It's an invisible enemy that can cause debilitating sickness and death, and if it doesn't get you right away, it can seed cancer within your body and slowly kill you from the inside out.

While we try to make light of such threats with games like Fallout, the truth of the matter is that the damage of nuclear fallout doesn't have to be the result of nuclear war. The damage from a nuclear fallout could just as easily come from a system malfunction and meltdown of a reactor at a nuclear power plant, of which there are sixty in the U.S. alone.

So what can you do to protect yourself from nuclear fallout? Find out after the break.

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