Believing in These Survival Myths Could Actually… Kill You

man in the forest

Sometimes It's Impossible To Know Which SHTF Techniques Are Fabricated And Which Ones Are True. Don't Be That Prepper That Gets Killed From A Myth; Learn The TRUTH Now:

There are so many survival techniques out there that it's difficult to know which is best for which situation, and what techniques may get you killed. On top of that, there are a lot of survival techniques that are entirely fabricated and will get you killed.

These techniques are passed on in all-knowing boasts in the corners of survival gear stores, muttered under breath between students sitting in the back of a survival class and even passed on by “experts” to unwitting masses.

Most often, these myths are the result of Hollywood imagination and are crafted by people who heard 3rd, 4th, and 5th hand accounts of what someone did in a survival situation. On top of that, afterward, these myths are further corrupted to make these “tips” more dramatic. Even today, on survival shows, a lot of these myths persist because they lead to ratings.

How can you know what survival tip is a myth and what you should do instead? Check out our list!

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  1. Joe Day said:

    The risks he takes(shows) doing wreckless$#%&!@*like sliding down a rock scree or snowy slope with your body always cracks me up…in real life it’d be like”not only are you lost,congratulations you now got a broken leg/ankle/knee!”

  2. Chris Kilian said:

    Joe Day I also have doubts as to his “alleged” service with The famed British SAS.

  3. Dalton Mcdermott said:

    Everybody knows sharks are weak in the gills, dolphins attack them there, it was in free willy

  4. Matthew Allen said:

    If you read his bio, he does risky stuff to show worst case scenario. IF you have to slide down a mountain here’s how, etc. No one does anything they don’t have to in a survival situation…but that makes lousy television. Lol