Before the Grid Goes Down, Make Your Everyday Shoes Waterproof with Only a Candle and Hair Dryer – Genius!

making shoes waterproof

Any tip or trick we can uncover when it comes to a prepping, homesteading or survival situation is gold – especially when it is simple and only takes a couple of items to create. In this case, it’s a candle and hair dryer and with them you can make your everyday shoes water resistant!

While you might be a big wilderness guy and already have waterproof shoes, you might want to think about the rest of your family and that day when the grid goes down.

Eventually, all of you may have to do a lot of walking through the rain, snow and who knows what else! If that happens, it's important to be sure that you all have shoes that will not just last a while but will be resistant to the elements.

With an ingenious method on page two, you will be walking in style and – at all times – have dry feet!

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  1. Web ChrisTian said:

    Let me know how long the wax lasts after you walk a mile during the summer in those shoes…