Awesome Survival Uses for Steel Wool

The art of surviving a doomsday scenario or survival situation is being able to use common items readily found to their maximum potential.

Steel wool is one of those often-overlooked utilities that everyone has but often forgets about as soon as they are done using it for a project.

Its uses as a survival tool, however, are virtually limitless. It is simply one of the most versatile tools you can include in your survival arsenal.

From starting fire to warding off pests, steel wool is one of those critical “must haves” in every survival kit or bug out bag, literally because you will find new uses for it almost continually.

To learn some common and uncommon uses for steel wool in a survival situation and why you must include it in your basic survival essentials, head on over to the next page.


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  1. Jeremy Rasnick said:

    Actually it probably is. There is different grits or coarseness of steel wool.