Avoid These Gardening Mistakes, Otherwise Your Garden Will NOT be Successful!

gardener offering tips

At one time or another, especially if you are a prepper, you most likely have tried to grow things such as vegetables, fruit plants, trees and even spices. It’s a great feeling when you see those buds pop up and the beginnings of a great tomato or strawberry start to form.

However, more times than not, discouraging problems occur. It can be anything from bugs to over-fertilizing, or something else just isn't working. Running into problems is chiefly true if you are a beginner.

While YouTube and the internet are wonderful resources to aid you on how to create the perfect survival garden, more problems may arise if you don't continue to educate yourself on the topic.

On page two there's a successful gardener who will provide you with ten important things to watch for while trying to get your garden to grow.

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