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Nazi Aircraft

How to Make it Through a War

You don’t have to be a soldier to find yourself in a war zone. If you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may be tempted to panic. If you anticipate going to a dangerous foreign country in the near future or if you currently live in one, the following list

aluminum foil

These 6 Aluminum Foil Hacks Are Pure Genius!

Aluminum foil is a super useful kitchen necessity that many of us already use on a daily basis. We use it to cover up food and line pans. We also occasionally use it to help our kids with science experiments. If you thought that’s about all you can use aluminum foil for, you’re about to

bug out bag supplies

3 Rules to Follow to Create a Better Bug Out Bag

Every serious prepper needs to make a bug out bag for emergency situations like wildfires, hurricanes, or other unforeseen disasters. What you decide to stuff in your bag is up to you, however, there are some must-haves that everyone should have including non-perishable foods, water bottles, and a first-aid kit. That said, there is so

person in a dark alley

Tips to Follow to Ensure a Person Survives a Mugging

Getting mugged is a scary experience. Fortunately, it’s also a rare experience. Although there is no way to predict the dangerous situation, we can take the initiative now and prepare for possible situations. Post-collapse this type of event could become more common, which means it’s all the more vital to prepare for it now. We