Are Earthships the Ultimate in Off-Grid Architecture?



We’ve been hearing about “earth houses” or Earthships for years, have even written about them here in these pages in the past. We’ve admired them, the environmental thinking behind them, but only just recently realized how advanced and significant Eathships have become.

The Earthships from the 1970s, which were a great idea, using all earth based products and even “trash” to construct them, had many followers. They came out of the “hippie” movement which some, at the time, rolled their eyes at but the concept behind them was more than interesting!

The Earthships of today, while still ecologically friendly, can also be described as masterpieces. Some are sincerely breath taking structures!

Over on the next page read more about Earthships and see remarkable photos of some of these impressive buildings!

What you may have thought of as an outdated practice is now, during this time of global turmoil, back and more relevant than ever before!

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  1. William Yzerman said:

    Except for picture #2, they all have too many windows for my liking. Windows are automatically weak points in any house defence. I understand the need for direct solar heating of the unit, but there are other ways of getting the heat into the building that are better defensively.