Antifa is Planning a Nationwide Riot on November 4th, 2017 and We Must be Ready

Antifa members

To prepare for the Antifa riots that will start on November 4th we must be watching and prepared to handle whatever may come our way. To do this we should watch the news, be alert, stock up on supplies, and keep a look out for signs. As preppers, it's better to be overly prepared than not at all.

Don't forget to watch the video after you read over how you can prepare for these potential acts of terrorism on our country.

Keep an Eye on the News

Make sure to start following websites like this and other alternative news sources. Don’t trust just one source; even the good guys can get it wrong sometimes. Be smart and do your own research.
Keep an eye on Twitter traffic regarding your local neighborhood and pay attention to anything that may be happening in your area. Often protests are organized on these social networks so they may be the best place to find localized info before the chaos starts.
If you have a HAM Radio, start listening to local and national broadcasts. This is about as unfiltered as it gets, and during times of chaos, ham radio is often one of the best forms of communication and intelligence gathering out there.

Stock up on Supplies Right Away 

Stock up on the basics: Food, water, sanitation, and medical supplies.
Have Cash on Hand: From a run on the banks to cyber-attacks that could affect access to electronic payments and banking, you need to have some emergency cash on hand — preferably in small denominations. Most of these left-wing groups are made up of losers who can’t even manage to roll out of bed before noon, but don’t underestimate larger subversive groups who could take advantage of the situation.

Be Ready for Attacks From the Outside

Be ready for Attacks from the Outside: There are a number of nations and terrorist organizations who would love to take advantage of the chaos following the election. From cyber-attacks that affect our infrastructure to terrorist attacks that could hit just about anywhere in the United States, we need to be ready for anything.

As you can see by what was shown on the video, the Antifa is indeed planning their acts of terror and is already letting everyone know in Los Angeles. We must be prepared to handle whatever may come our way not only on November 4th, but in the months to come. Stock up enough food, keep loved ones safe, and be ready to face whatever should happen.

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Featured Image via The Washington Post