Ammo Storage Dos and Don’ts Everyone Should Learn and Remember

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Just about every survivalist knows that firearms are important.

The truth is when things get dire, firearms will likely be the difference between defending your property or not as well as whether you have the option to eat, or not.

Just about every survival minded individual places a premium on firearms.

However, firearms can be very expensive, especially if you don't have ammo for them. Plus, reliable ammunition is just as important.

Matter of fact, having reliable ammo is almost as important as making sure your firearm is maintained so it will last when SHTF.

While technology continues to improve and thus improves a weapon's lifespan as well as how effective ammo is, there are still general guidelines to adhere to for buying and storing ammunition.

Check out some important ammo guidelines everyone should remember now and for SHTF after the break.

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  1. Chris Proctor said:

    Lol. Who writes this stuff? A kid in his mom’s basement pulling “tips” off of random websites?

  2. Dave Duty said:

    Please stop writing and/or linking to stuff you guys dont know anything about.

    If you need to have an article about firearms and ammo for the prepper/specialist, ask. Theres plenty of us who know what we’re talking about.

  3. Michael Watts said:

    After all I’ve read from this page. I have a question for the admin. Have you ever even gone camping? Let alone ran a survival run?