A Survival Bread Recipe That’ll Stay Good Indefinitely!


When you think of the perfect survival food, what comes to mind? Is there such a thing?

Think of your criteria for what you want out of your survival food. The perfect food will need to be filling. Otherwise, it’s a waste of essential space in your bug out bag or shelter.

It needs to taste good, because otherwise, what’s the point? And it needs to be low maintenance and uses only basic ingredients that are easy to come by. It will need to last for a while without going bad.

Survival bread fits these criteria quite well. And the best part? It can be kept “indefinitely.”

This tasty bread might just become your new best friend when SHTF. Take a look on the next page to see how you can make it!

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  1. Jimmy Golombecki said:

    Mila Golombecki Maxwell Reynolds let’s make this and pemmican! If I get a deer this year I will be making a small batch of pemmican.

    • Johne158 said:

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