A Single Cut, Untreated, Can Lead to Infection. Here’s How to Tell if You Have a Festering Infection and What to Do About It.

infection on a knee

In any survival situation, there are immediate concerns – shelter, water, food – ensuring your environment is as safe as possible and then there are the quieter, more ominous concerns.

One of the most critical is having an wound get infected.

A single cut, untreated, can very quickly develop an infection and within a few days, if left to fester and grow, can pose a life-threatening situation where professional, medical help is the only viable option to get you back to health.

During a survival situation, however, your options for treating an infection are likely to be limited, at least for the immediate future.

That is why it is vital that you treat cuts and abrasions as soon as you can and monitor them while they heal.

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