A Quick and Easy Emergency Shelter – Could be a Life Saver!

survival shelter

The principle of “3” states that in a survival situation, in extreme weather, you have about three hours to get yourself into a shelter.

That obviously depends on where you are located, but even in moderate climates, three hours exposed to harsh weather can lead to hypothermia, over-heating or expose you to dangerous weather elements like wind and lightening.

It also is a major chunk of daylight, which means in most cases, that at the end of it, you will be within spitting distance of darkness or immersed in darkness.

That carries its own risks, especially if you are stuck in an area with predators.

What all that means is that you must make securing a shelter a priority once you have stabilized whatever environment you are facing.

On the next page, we cover an emergency shelter that is easy and quick to make for just that purpose.

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