A Prepper’s Ultimate Food Storage Checklist

food storage

Of all the steps you can take to ensure you make it through a survival situation, storing enough and appropriate food ranks in the top three in terms of priorities.

In an acute survival situation, where you cannot get out to the market – or the market no longer exists or functions – your store of food is the difference between staying safe in your home or bug-out location and having to brave the outside world to scavenge.

Scavenging for food, even having to hunt your own food in the aftermath of a survival situation is never a good option, which is why it is critical that you store away the right foods and keep them rotated and stored properly so that you have them when you need them.

To see a list of the basics as well as a list of recommended survival food amounts for one person, check out the next page.

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  1. Russ Lamkin said:

    white flour? might as well eat dirt. beans are the best due to their high nutrition value. canned sardines are 2nd best.

  2. Connie Pine said:

    Flour can make all kinds of bread
    Biscuits ,pancakes, rolls, flat bread , etc
    Bread with beans and meat very filling

  3. Michael Corey said:

    Talk to a Mormon about food storage. We preach it almost as much as pout our own doctrine.