A Prepper Can Get Bit by a Brown Recluse and if He Does Here’s How to How to Effectively Treat It.

brown recluse

The Brown Recluse Spider has an unwanted reputation for being nasty, poisonous and potentially deadly!

Unfortunately, for the spider, that reputation is a bit unfair!

Brown Recluses are generally pretty shy, which is why you usually only find them in closets, under beds, wood piles or dark corners of basements.

In fact, in most cases, you have to brush up against a Brown Recluse for it to even bite you.

Nonetheless, while most Brown Recluse spider bites are painless or feel like the itch after a bee sting and do not cause lasting pain or damage, some can be very dangerous if left untreated.

This is particularly true if you are off grid or in a survival situation!

To learn how to treat a bite from a Brown Recluse in either of those scenarios, check out the next page.

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  1. Richard Dees said:

    Ummm anybody can get bit
    And what if its a female
    What if its a male who identifies as a female
    Or female who identifies as a male
    Frankly I’m offended by this one sided statement and I want it changed or I’m just gonna have to………..well idk what but something……. I’ll have a riot!!!!!! Yeahhhh

  2. Cecilea Frye said:

    When I was bitten by a brown recluse, this is the website I found doing research. I bought the. Bentonite clay and mixed it with Echinacea oil and put it on the bite. By then, my bite had bluish black edges with a line across it and fang marks. I had used normal first aid products but they were not stopping the process. After using the clay mixture, the wound is healing normally. This really works!

  3. Tim Rounds said:

    Got bit twice by the same one on my calf. Damn near lost my leg.

  4. Cody Willimon said:

    If you know anyone who works on a drilling rig. They have access to an abundance of bentonite.

  5. Mike McCausley said:

    Athletes foot cream like extra strength tinactin also work. You just have to keep applying it and keep the bite covered in a heavy layer of cream at all times which is pretty hard to do if bandaging.

  6. Tom OLeary said:

    Have been bite a couple of times. Takes long time to heal. Will always have a scar. This little spider is as dangerous as a rattlesnake. With the spider bite it’s a long slow process, where with the snake bite it’s a lot quicker. Everyone be careful.

  7. Ronnie Frazier said:

    Finger nail ckippers an alcohol
    After bite about one day a dime size hole will be there oull off scab or dead meat right under dead skin b 2 black dots take ckiopers push under both cut pull out they are the venom. Clean good make sure black is gone babdage good carry on
    Have nice day