A Modern Perspective of Homesteading


Starting in the 60's, hitting its apex in the late 80's, but enjoying a resurgence over the last ten years, is the concept of “homesteading.”

A key difference between then is not is that “flight” from urban and suburban areas has been replaced in many cases, with “homesteading in place.”

That is to say, becoming more self-sufficient in the environment you currently live as opposed to moving to a remote area and “learning as you go.”

Luckily, on that last aspect, we have the lessons of those who started the movement as opposed to starting from scratch.

The video on the next page covers some basics on homesteading as well as tackles some of the challenges and is good to review whether you are just starting out, thinking about it or have been doing it for years.

(You are never to old to learn – the axle grease on table legs to repel ants was a new one for me.)

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