A Complete Guide to Using Super Glue for Cuts


First, a disclaimer: These techniques should be used only for minor cuts and abrasions and even then, it is your call. If you have a severe cut, stop being so dang stubborn and go see a doc! If you do decide to go with Super Glue, follow these guidelines.

Super Glue is a miracle on many different levels – including serving as a bond for minor cuts and abrasions!

Used correctly, it bonds very quickly and creates a waterproof seal that can protect the cut or abrasion and facilitate healing.

While it is not the ideal solution, in a pinch, such as in a survival situation, at the very least, it would address moderate to slight bleeding and allow for use of the area that is affected.

To see how to use Super Glue to seal cuts and abrasions, please check out the next page.

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  1. Barry Jackson said:

    Me and my mates have been using superglue for years for cuts big all small, even used it on chainsaw cut to the leg which healed up nicely.

  2. Rus Reck said:

    I once used super glue to seal a cracked tooth during a Labor Day fishing trip and it worked great.