A 72-Hour Survival Bag for Quickly Getting Out of Dodge

GO Bag

I guess these suggestions would work if you are avoiding a posse as well, but for these purposes, the 72-hour survival/emergency bag is to help you evacuate when a natural or man made disaster is looming.

It is not to sustain you for a long period – just long enough to get to safety.

The idea is to try to have enough food for 72 hours. The packed items include:

• Protein Bars – (10)
• Beef Jerky
• Fruit Leathers
• Peanut Butter
• Tuna
• Cereal
• Ravioli
• Pineapple Slices
• Pet food & treats
• Starbucks Via **Total comfort consumable**

You might notice I didn’t include water. What I chose to do was to put a case of water under our bags. These could easily be loaded into the car and would provide more water than what a bag could hold.


• New underwear for all family members
• Socks for each family member
• Washcloths
• Wipes
• Feminine Hygiene
• Deodorant
• Chapstick
• Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss
• Soap
• Lotion
• Comb
• Kleenex
• Eye drops
• **Hair Ties & Ball Cap – personal addition. I’m thinking we won’t be paying much attention to our hair!
• **Card Game – again, a personal item addition to try to make an ugly situation bearable.


• Contact lens case & solution
• OTC medications (if anyone in your family requires a prescription, you’d want to pack a 3 day supply.)
• First aid kit
• Sewing kit
• Rain ponchos
• Flashlight
• Batteries
• Scissors
• Heavy duty trash bags
• Sunscreen
• Work gloves
• Candles
• Lighter
• Can opener

As stated, this list of 72-hour survival/emergency bags are not meant to be survival kits for a long-term survival crisis.

They are meant to help you quickly get out of dodge and to safety!

To see some more advice on how to set up your get out of Dodge 72-hour survival/emergency bag, check out Natural Green Mom.

Featured Image via The Prepper Journal