9 Things Preppers Can Take Away From Camping That’ll Help Them Improve Their Skillset

camping tent

If you want to make sure you are as prepared as possible when SHTF, here are nine amazing things you can learn from camping!

When the collapse comes and you have to live off the land or at least without things like a toilet and shower, remembering your camping skills may prove vital to your survival.

If you have ever been camping and we all know all good preppers have, when the SHTF is the best time to utilize some of those important lessons you learned.

For example, what do you learn when you go camping and forget one of the necessaries or how about when all those supplies become extremely heavy to carry?

If you want to make sure you are prepared for the worst case scenario,  remembering what you learned while camping can make all the difference in the world!

To learn what nine things you can take away from camping that'll help you be more prepared when the collapse takes place, visit the next page where you'll learn everything you need to know.

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  1. Casey A Holland said:

    Camping, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to practice and develop skills. However, alot of prepper and survival wannabes have done alot of damage and ended up in bad situations in the mountains where I live. So before you try what you see on TV, have proper equipment and just practice smaller skills until you are highly skilled. And don’t practice techniques that are otherwise illegal or destructive unless it is truly necessary.

  2. Billy Twowolf Hall said:

    Im bugging in .
    Its 12 mikes from my home to my cabin.
    Very little traffic rural road.
    Camping is a super bad idea
    Yoyr gonna be evading the oppressors.and the opportunist.
    Plus any one you spoke along the way.
    My place has been in the works 3 years and were just now getting the garden right
    Theres a big difference between prepping and just surviving

  3. James Eves III said:

    When the SHTF …. My wife has 3 cats ,,, I already know what order I want to eat them. Just wondering does anyone have any recipes … I was thinking either bar-b-que sauce or maybe jerky

  4. Rick Bloom said:

    “Camping” is a temporary measure one way or the other. A nylon backpacking tent isn’t adequate permanent shelter pretty much anywhere in the country. Or N. America. If you figure on providing for yourself foodwise but don’t have the means to grow a large portion of it, plan on starving because that’s what you’re going to do. There simply aren’t enough wild resources in most parts of the country to sustain yourself now, with no competition for the resources. When the army of people that think they’re going to run to the woods and live off the fat of the land show up, well…..

    That said, camping and self reliance are great skills to have and should be persued. Learning to identify and prepare wild edible and medicinal plants could save your life. The herd of people heading for the woods will mostly be concentrating on the meat. Most of them are ignorant of what plants are edible, the qualities of useful trees, how to purify water, how to clean their clothes and themselves, life without toilet paper…..