8 Cozy Cabins Everyone Will Want to Hide Away in Forever

cabin in woods

The advantages of tiny homes or cabins are obvious. They are less expensive, heat and cool easier, and because they are so small all of your “stuff” can be dispensed with. After all, you are living for outside not the grandeur and amenities of inside.

Still, the inside of your new home can be nice too with a little patience, imagination, and reworking.

Note: If you are a woman you may want your man to build a man-cave or workstation all his own outside!

Honestly, it’s not for everyone but if you are serious or even on the fence about the endeavor you may want to take a look at ten great photos on the next page.

These small cabins may just convince you that, when it comes time to bug-out, having a tiny cabin for you and yours is exactly what the apocalyptic police ordered!

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  1. Doug Las said:

    🙁 All but one are built in clearings and easy to snipe. No way to get out unseen. And, with the tiny wooden one’s, a bottle of flaming petrol against the outside wall and your entire family runs out into the line of fire 🙁