7 Things You’re More Than Likely to Lose During a Long Term Collapse

end of electricity

With exception to a few hardcore bushcrafters and some radical eco-warriors, nobody wants to have to endure a long-term collapse of life as we know it. By government estimates, if we were to lose power for a year, which could very well happen with a strong EMP, at least 90% of the United States population would die. If there were a strong solar storm that wiped out power grids on the entire planet the death toll would be astronomical.

This may seem like an exaggerated number, but think about how many industries absolutely rely on electricity. Sure, people got along just fine without electricity for thousands of years, but now that pretty much the entire planet, directly or indirectly, relies on it, there's no going back. Not without suffering major losses.

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  1. Kale Fast said:

    Was homeless for 2 years I had no food , water , money , or electricity everyday .. I survived

  2. Jimmy Justice said:

    I am sure most people had hard times before. Can guarantee none of us did it with 300 million other people all at same time.