7 Things to Never Attempt Eating in the Wild

wild mushrooms

As human beings, in general, we love to eat. It feels good and makes us content.

You never know how good you have it at home until you need to go out into the wilderness and kill your meal. Yet, foraging for food is always a good way to find fiber, various eatable plants, saps, and even bark to make coffee!

Then there are the things you should not eat.

It is confusing because there are a lot of things out there that seem like you should be able to eat without worry.

Also, we no longer have Yule Gibbons – dating ourselves much? – around to tell us what we can and cannot chew on to abate hunger.

After the break go to the next page and read up on seven (7) things never to eat in the wild. They may seem safe at first but they will eventually make you ill — or even kill you!

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  1. Tommy Spyla said:

    You idiots…these two things are more than fine to eat…guess you have some wrong people there…you can kill someone with wrong info

  2. Dakoda Trimmer said:

    I like morels and puff balls. If you slice the puff balls fungi into thin pieces and fry them it’s like a flat/disc French fry.. taste like potatoes. Morels are good raw or cooked

  3. Justin Douglas said:

    Those are safe to eat boletus in the pic those are a very earthy tasting variety and not my favorite but safe to eat for sure! The yellow and red “bi-color” boletus ohhh my now you have a something amazing even better than kings in my book!!!