7 Things a Person Should Never, Ever Eat in the Wild


While living an off-grid life or even checking out for a few days may seem like a lot of fun, it's still important to be safe. It may seem as though the wilderness can offer plenty of resources for food and drink, there are just some foods we should all avoid at all costs.

This helpful guide will show you exactly what you should avoid in order to survive. Yes, the wilderness is a beautiful place but it is also full of danger too. The good news is the more you're aware of what to stay way from (especially eating wise,) the more prepared you'll be.

You'd be surprised at some of these things listed on the following slide. However, you really need to take them seriously or else you may find yourself in some trouble.

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  1. Kevin Metcalf said:

    I’m calling bullshit on the mushrooms part of this article. I, as well as millions of people, have and continue to harvest wild mushrooms to eat and do so correctly when they know what to look for and what to look out for. Mushrooms can be a viable source of nutrition in the wild and shouldnt be discredited if the person harvesting and eating them is knowledgeable about the mushrooms he or she is harvesting and eating. Mushrooms are just another food source that can be used to great benefit.

  2. Kevin Metcalf said:

    I’ve definitely heard of people accidently picking the wrong mushrooms and getting sick but hell you can get listeria from the peanut butter at the supermarket sometimes. Mushrooms are delicious and they’re part of the bounty of nature, git you some!

  3. Nolan Drake said:

    How do you eat water? I must try this. Please show in next article.