7 Long Lost Survival Skills Reclaimed From an Unexpected Source

light a match in the wind

When you're putting those survival tips to good use, the thought has probably crossed your mind as to when exactly this skill came to be. Was it a decade ago? Or one-hundred years ago? Did our grandfather utilize this skill? The point is what once was “old fashioned” now has been made new — especially for a survivalist.

Today, while survivalists are patiently waiting for the grid to go down, those long-lost skills can definitely be put to use. Especially when the grid goes down, preppers will need to practice these skills now so that they'll be prepared for whatever comes their way.

Who knows — the power could go out for a few days and then suddenly it will be out for months!

You'll be surprised in regards to what unexpected source provides common sense, yet pertinent survival skills every survivalist should know.

After the break learn about some long lost survival skills that will soon be resurrected!

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  1. Jeff Stith said:

    Dampness in a bed ? Why wouldn’t you just feel it? And why is it damp? Sometimes it seems these people are really reaching for something to write about.