7 Ingenious Ways to Hide Valuables Within a Home

Don't you hate it when you've worked hard to acquire the nice things in your life only to have those things stolen by those who refuse to earn an honest living?

Thieves are getting craftier and craftier, and every time you think you have the one up on them by hiding your valuables in a creative place, they figure it out only to leave you scrambling for new hiding places.

Of course, an easy way to solve this is to have good locks and security in place to prevent thieves from getting close to your goods in the first place.

However, even the best systems can fail, which is why you need a good backup in place to keep your treasures well-hidden from the prying hands of criminals.

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  1. Charles Janoe said:

    Keep some type of book on where you “place” your valuables. So when you say sell the home. Youwill know where there at.

  2. Eric Blanchard said:

    I say tell the new owner is X number of hiding spots and give new owner a month to try and find them before telling them where they at. If they can’t find them then know are super hidden