7 Extraordinary Survival Tips We Can Take Away From 19th Century Cowboys

cowboys on horseback

The frontiersmen and women who traveled out west in the 1800's were momentous survivalists. They used what skills they had to survive during a daunting time during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Most cowboys owned little. In fact, their belongings were usually purchased at a store they had to travel miles to get to or they handmade their own supplies. When they needed new belongings, they couldn't walk over to the nearby convenient store. They had to use what they had and learn new skills or wait until they stumbled upon a store in their travels.

You have to admire these brave men and women who went out west to make a living for themselves. It wasn't easy, and they were forced to be mentally and physically strong for a variety of occasions. They traveled long distances while caring for their families without knowing what was just around the bend. Often there was scarce food and little resources available to them.

It's true — cowboys were the ultimate survivalists, and there is still much to be learned from them today.

On the next page, find out why cowboys are still an inspiration to survivalists today. 19th-century cowboys are gone, but their bravery and survival skills live on…

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  1. Luke Handy said:

    I don’t think anyone disagrees with you. However, the survival skills 19th century cowboys used were different than those used by natives, and this article is focused on those skills. Not so much that they were better at living off the land than the natives were.

  2. Richard S Beck Jr. said:

    I gotcha. I was just wondering. I mean i know thet could survive. They werent stupid back then like most ppl are today

  3. David Valenzuela said:

    Richard, maybe they meant ultimate survivalist because they also had to contend with the previous ultimate survivalist (the natives) who had surviving down to a science until they met up with firearms though. And let’s not forget, cowboys had firearms which greatly increased their chances for survival.

  4. Jonathan Carroll said:

    no they werent, cowboys didnt know squat about survivin here til my ancestors taught them, which we regreted later

  5. Richard S Beck Jr. said:

    Most likely. You see some of those old indian dighting styles with the tomahawk and the knifes. They looked like badasses lol

  6. Keith Johnson said:

    The Indian were to trustworthy in the first of the game and gave the white man a jump start but guns were the big factor

  7. Charles Bailey said:

    Been following this this sight for a few weeks now. Definitely not Die Hard,nothing remotely useful. Mostly just generalized statements about things that might entertain a third grader.

  8. Jimmy Bates said:

    Very poor article. Who eats acorns (to high in tannic acid) and when is a horse broken in ? Why would a cowboy use fertilizer? That would be a farmer. Very disappointed, I hope the other articles are better written.

  9. Dallas Knight said:

    Somebody from obama’s America had to write this article. …or someone writing children’s books….Idk…..

  10. Bill Jones said:

    Add drunkenness help them not care about the loneliness and despair

  11. Mike Seigle said:

    More often than not guns were used against snakes, wolfs, cyotes, rather than outlaws or Indians.