6 Survival Tips You’re NOT Following That’ll Make You Have to Deal With Consequences

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Sure, you have stockpiled a ton of food. Now it's time to incorporate that food into your regular meal plan. Why might you ask? Well, when s*** really does hit the fan, you'll know how to cook what you need and everything that goes into surviving during the collapse.

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1) You’re not incorporating your prepping food into your routine meals.

Incorporating your prepping food stores into your regular meal plan will reap large benefits post- SHTF.

You need to know what’s in your food stores and what is not. You also need to learn to cook with that type of food (be it dehydrated, freeze-dried, etc). Water-absent foods like those we popularly use for food storage require extra steps in the meal-prep phase. You need to know how to get the best results from your food before the SHTF.

Don’t assume everything in your storage has the same expiration date. Check, label, know. Finally, you need to know what is working in your food store and what is not. You also need to know what you need more or less of. Appetizing meals post-SHTF will help raise morale, keep your group healthy, and decrease stress. What do you need to do? Incorporate your prepping food into your regular meals. If you don’t use your food stores routinely, you’re not going to know what’s in there, and not going to know how to use it.

Another thing we've taken for granted is electricity. Well, I hate to break it to you, but those DIY projects you've worked on that tell you that you'll have electricity for forever when SHTF may not really work forever. It's time to invest in something a little bit more substantial. After the break you'll find out what that is. 

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  1. Mark Greer said:

    My thoughts exactly. Tired of that. Just post the points and kill the rhetoric copy.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Covered….. next? I lived off the grid for almost a decade before it was trendy. Lol

  3. Arctodus Simus said:

    Number three is less than once a week these days, but all the others are pretty much routine.

  4. Joshua Byrd said:

    Crap! Lmao you people think if shtf you will be able to hang on to your food surplus? Or your solar power? You are dreaming. SHTF…. fucking think about this. People are crazy as$#%&[email protected]* So most likely its going to be a full on war zone. Therefore your best survival skill is learning to survive with nothing. Go into the woods and feel the earth. Create a trap because I doubt you can hunt. Live off the land. Trapping in itself is a hell of a skill. So many of you so called survivalist wouldn’t last a day without all your fancy gear. Try to learn to only survive with a pocket knife and after that no tools. Nature provides! Peace and Good luck.

  5. Steve Flom said:

    Covered except for solar. But still power conscious…we bought a small generator last year thinking it would make life a little easier when camping off grid for several days. We fired it up once to test it. Never used it again. I believe there’s a #7 though. Stacking them up. A week (or even a couple days) camping off grid at least a day’s hike from civilization let’s you use your knowledge, gear, cook meals with the bug out kit, find out if your BOB really has what you need, and generally embrace the suck, but in a pleasurable way.

  6. Steve Fleischman said:

    I was kinda disappointed till I got to number 5. I beleive it kinda covers the previous 4 and is by far one of the biggest parts of actual survival in my opinion. Not a bad list for mindless click-bait lol

  7. Anonymous said:

    I worked for a portable solar power company Goal Zero for many years multiple small sources of power are better than one large one if one brakes down you have others systems for backup and to use for barter and don’t forget wind generators they produce power day and night I am and Army Veteran and in my 60s embrace the suck is words right out of the military don’t Just prepare with expensive equipment prepare your body and your mind remember the saying the Strong Survive that means PHYSICAL and MENTAL strength that’s #1 so put that damn phone down get your$#%&[email protected]*away from the computer and start working out prepare yourself most people I see today are out of shape and not prepared learn hand-to-hand self defense techniques for combat not competition and if you need to take time to think about what you’re going to do it’s too late it should be automatic just natural instinct but remember the words of a very great man and friend of mine the best martial artist is the one who avoids the fight in the first place

  8. John Kaisinger said:

    I like hoe every time I click to next page the vote for Hillary ad move to center page and I had to reposition the page to read the article