6 Survival Tips We Can Take Away From the Great Depression

great depression

During the Great Depression, people took nothing for granted. They used what they had and cherished their time with loved ones. They may have been frightened that things were going to get worse, but that didn't get them down. They learned how to be resourceful and in the process became mentally strong.

Similar to the Depression, when SHTF preppers will also need to use what they have and know how to take items that they already own and use them for other tasks. For example, reusing a container for many things is just one way you can reuse what you have. Stockpiled food is eventually going to be used up and it'll be up to use to use what you have for other purposes.

That's not all. The Depression is a reminder that things are not always going to be “normal.” In fact, when an economic collapse takes place finding food to survive off of will be the least of your worries.

After the break, learn what tips preppers can take away from the Depression, from reusing containers to learning pertinent tasks such as sewing, making your own toiletries, and more. 

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