6 Skills You Need to Have That’ll Get You Through a Disaster in One Piece

starting a fire

We’ve all pondered the hypothetical worst-case scenario: something terrible happens, and you’re on your own.

You realize that you had the chance to prepare, and you even thought about looking into what to do if the worst were to happen. But you didn’t. You went about your daily life, perhaps occasionally considering, “hmmm. I wonder what the best way to start a fire is without matches?” or, “I wonder what I would do to determine which direction is North if I didn’t have a compass!”

You may have asked yourself these questions, but you never took the time to obtain the skills that might save your life in case the worst were to happen.

It is essential to prepare yourself for success in the event of a disaster. After all, you never know when a disaster will show up on your doorstep.

Here are six skills that you need to consider and further research to make sure you will know how to survive in case SHTF. Take a look on the next page to make sure you know the essentials.

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