6 Skills Needed to Survive in a World Without Oil

motor oil

Sometimes we learn stuff or are prompted to think about things from places we would not necessarily expect either of those to happen.

A relative of mine, for example, was largely a train wreck personally, but they gave me growing up wiser advice on life and coping than anything those relatives with their stuff together ever did.

This is one of those instances.

The content on the next page covers what could happen in the worst case scenario regarding an oil crisis – what if all the oil in the world was used up?

The best estimates have this possibly happening long after I am pushing up daisies, but it got me thinking.

What if we had another oil crisis like happened in the late 1970’s?

Most do not remember, but just about everything was negatively affected by it.

To learn some basic skills you need to master should we face another oil crisis, check out the next page.

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