6 SHTF Tips You’re NOT Following That’ll Later Make You Have to Deal With Consequences

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As a prepper, it's easy to get caught up in stockpiling while enjoying the world we live it. Looking at the latest survival gear and planning for that possible future when an EMP takes place or worse is a very common past time.

Planning for that pivotal SHTF moment is important, but as a prepper will you really be ready to face the harsh realities that await you?

Even though a survivalist think he's prepared because he's stockpiled a ton of food and has all of the latest weapons and gear, that still doesn't mean he'll be ready to practice them when the grid does go down.

After all, we live in a world where we can quickly figure out the solutions to our problems by hopping on the internet or visiting a therapist. And if we're honest most preppers have a ton of survival hear that hasn't even been used yet because you think you're ready but you have yet to go through a true bug out experience.

We have to be real, but it's very unlikely that you'll be prepared 100% unless you consistently put into practice what it really takes to be ready for Doomsday. And even then there's always more to learn.

After the break, you can continue to add to your skillset and be as ready as possible for when Doomsday arrives by checking out these tips that you're likely not following, but you should be. When all hell breaks loose, learning these tips now could save your life later!

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