6 Knives to Consider for Deer Hunting; Cutlery for Gutting, Skinning and Quartering


Having a knife for survival is elementary but some knives are better than others. Any prepper can tell you this and probably has a favorite.

You use them for chopping, cooking, throwing and – for the purposes of this article – gutting, skinning, and quartering game.

The expert over on the next page is going to tell us his six favorite knives, their makes, and why he likes them. Not all knives are created equal and a hunter really knows where it’s at when he’s butchering a deer. No flimsy blade or handle is going to last five minutes while sawing through bone and sinew!

After the break, go on over and take a look. If you don’t have one of these you might want to go to your local sports store and check them out!

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  1. Mickey Crawford Sr. said:

    and what happens if you lose that knife? i usually carry a fixed blade and pocket knife. you don’t need 40 knives. but a back up is a good idea.