6 Awesome Tips to Survive Winter

How does one go about surviving a harsh winter? Today we're gonna give you 6 awesome tips that you've most likely never thought of before. Think of them like “hacks” for winter. Things that will keep you warm, things that will help melt the snow off your car, and a bunch of other random things you should know if winter is approaching.

Winter means different things for different people. For those who live in California, it can mean BBQ-ing over Christmas. For people on the east coast it can mean heavy snow, freezing winds and expensive central heating bills. So depending on where you live, winter can range from easy street to unbearable.

In states with snowstorms and blizzards, its important to know what you should look for and how your community is informed of warnings. It's always important to take action and to be safe. Before winter hits, you should have a storm survival kit in an easy to locate place. Make sure you store it with extra blankets and, water, weatherproof matches and non-perishable food.

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