5 Weeds We Should be Eating as Opposed to Killing


Every year, especially around this time when the temperatures are getting warmer when the cold of Winter has melted and new plants start to grow – we get weeds! It’s just natural and we are used to it.

How much of our time is used up in our front and back lawns, bending over and pulling the blasted things? If not that, we use chemicals to kill them because weeds simply do not want to stop growing! What is up with that?

Maybe instead of killing some weeds, we should encourage their growth? “What?” you say, “Is she crazy?” Not at all.

Many survivalists and naturalists already know this but there are many weeds out there in the world that is not just eatable but is pretty darn good tasting too! This comes in as especially good news to those who are waiting for a major SHTF scenario. One of these days we may really need to eat weeds to survive!

However, it’s not just any weed that will do. Go over to the next page and we will give you five (5) good examples of weeds we should be eating instead of killing!

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