5 Stupidly Easy Ways to Cool Down a Tent


Whether you are training for a SHTF scenario or simply camping out with the family we all eventually want to be comfortable. Even when it is below zero we work on getting our shelter up, getting inside, and getting warm. The only thing worse than freezing out in the wilderness is being too hot!

We walk around all day, sweating, fighting off insects, and feeling miserable! Then we have to build a fire – yuck! – to cook dinner and crawl into a sauna-like tent to sleep. Double yuck! But at least there is your refreshing canteen… and the water has, unfortunately, become lukewarm because it is just too darn hot out!

You have three choices:

1) Leave and go home. Wait until fall arrives when it’s more comfortable!
2) Suffer through it. You are a survivor, after all!
3) Follow five (5) stupidly easy ways to cool down a tent and crawl inside!

You can find all the answers to #5 over on the next page!

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  1. Caliah Calvin said:

    They are ridiculously stupid. Pitch a tent in the shade to be cooler? Who knew?!?!

  2. Chris Lo said:

    Lol this site forces you to scroll through a hundred ads just to tell you to pitch you tent in a shaded area.

  3. Phil Stajcar said:

    The info you offer is no longer worth waiting for the bullshit multiple pages to load.