5 Overlooked, Non-Food Survival Items That We Must Stockpile Now

bar of soap

No matter how prepared we are, in a long-term survival situation, something will always be forgotten or it's use will be underestimated.

At first it will be simply annoying, such as not stocking up on enough bug spray. But over time it could become more serious, such as underestimating how much water you tend to go through in a week's time.

It's more likely, however, that it will be an everyday item that you overlooked or perhaps thought you had enough of, only to later find out that you vastly underestimated how much you ended up using it.

For example, on a recent, extended family trip, as one who is dealing with a food injury, I vastly overlooked how many socks and bandages I would need. The fix was easy — simply head over to Target and get what I needed.

However, in a survival situation, that likely won't be an option.

To discover what the five common items a lot of people overlook or underestimate for a survival situation, head to the next page.

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